Thursday Webcast: The City Symposium on Quality Education

This Thursday (May 7), the City Symposium hosts a live webcast on the theme of Quality Education. Presenters include Amanda L. Kennedy (Founder/Project Director of Yotuni Charitable Initiative), Rick Pardo (former Coordinator for the Culture of Innovation for the Thames Valley District School Board), Dr. Susan Rodger (Psychologist and Associate Professor at the Faculty of Education at Western University), and Dobijoki Emanuela (currently pursuing her Doctor of Education at Western University). Read full bios at

The City Symposium on Quality Education will be hosted by Dr. Melanie-Anne Atkins (Associate Director, Graduate Education, at the Centre for Teaching and Learning at Western University). In addition, there will be special musical performances before and after the event by Noelle Coughlin.

Thursday, May 7
6:40 PM – Pre-symposium concert with Noelle Coughlin
7:00 PM – Speakers and presentations

To register, please visit