Collecting and Using Data for Collaborative and Equitible Change

Key Issues and Recommendations for Collecting Sociodemographic Data

At the request of CRHESI’s community partners, members of the CRHESI Student Collective examined how we collect sociodemographic (SD) data from clients. This process, ultimately aimed at reducing inequities, is a continuous cycle, involving planning, implementing and evaluating along the way to this goal. Check out and download our infographic below.

Check out the students’ video by clicking the following web link. Student Reflections

On June 3rd, 2022, CRHESI brought together community members, professionals, academic and community researchers and students to discuss key issues around collecting and using data for collaborative and equitable change in our community.

Welcome from Dr Nadine Wathen, CRHESI Academic Co-Director

CONSULTATION – Implementor Meeting – September 21, 2022

In follow-up to the June 3, 2022, event on data for health equity, community partners who had expressed interest in implementing data collection strategies were invited to a further conversation.