Video: A Study of Coroner’s Files of Migrant Agricultural Workers’ Deaths in Ontario

“Our research team, consisting of medical doctors, nurses, and academics with decades of experience regarding the health and human rights of migrant agricultural workers in Canada, several of whom participated in a death review carried out by the Deputy Coroner of Ontario in 2020-21, conducted a research study to identify (a) common and divergent medical issues and trajectories, as well as (b) social determinants and resources available to migrant agricultural workers that may help explain the context, and/or may have contributed to the deaths of these nine individuals during the 2020 and 2021 seasons.”

Watch the introductory video with Susana Caxaj and read the full report at

Brescia hiring Research Coordinator to support the YSMENA Study

Funded by CANFAR, we aim to apply community-based participatory principles and peer-led approaches to develop and distribute an electronic-based survey to determine meaningful HIV prevention interventions for youth from diaspora MENA communities in Ontario and British Columbia (BC) that will capture the diverse voices of youth. The goal is to address gaps in research and services on sexual health needs of MENA youth and encourage collaborations for future research initiatives and knowledge translation and exchange.

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