About Us

The Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion (CRHESI) is an interdisciplinary, collaborative initiative led by the Faculty of Health Sciences at Western University.

The concepts of health equity and social inclusion cut across the work of many faculties and community service organizations within Western University and the London Not-for-Profit-Sector respectively. CRHESI strives to provide a forum for research-enabled, synergistic and catalytic change for London and surrounding areas.

Faculty and students at Western University have a strong tradition of research with and for people who have experienced vulnerability or marginalization. The Centre is supported by a range of community and university partners.

Community Organizations

  • London InterCommunity Health Centre
  • United Way
  • London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
  • Merrymount Family Support & Crisis Centre
  • Canadian Mental Health Association (Middlesex)
  • My Sister’s Place.
  • Family Service Thames Valley
  • Mind your mind
  • Goodwill Industries
  • Pillar Non-Profit Network
  • London Homeless Coalition
  • Muslim Resource Centre
  • Southwest Local Integration Health Network (LIHN)
  • Middlesex London Health Unit
  • City of London

Western University Faculties

  • Faculty of Health Sciences
  • Faculty of Social Sciences
  • Indigenous Health and Well-being Initiative (IHWI)
  • Faculty of Information and Media Studies
  • Schulich School of Medicine and Dentistry
  • Vice Dean, Basic Medical Sciences
  • Schulich Interfaculty School of Public Health
  • Faculty of Law
  • Faculty of Education
  • Women’s Studies and Feminist Research
  • Brescia University College
  • King’s University College, School of Social Work and Poverty Research Centre