CRHESI Participation Pathways


The core of CRHESI’s mission is addressing both the roots, and consequences, of health and social inequities through research, scholarship, creative activity and knowledge mobilization.

Membership means participating in the CRHESI network in various ways that may shift or emerge dependent on needs or opportunities.

Reseachers, students, community members  and service organizations in London and region comprise CRHESI’s membership.

Affiliate Status

This appointment is for people who have an expressed interest in formally and actively supporting the mission of CRHESI through academic and/or community research and/or knowledge mobilization activities.

Beyond the membership role, CRHESI Affiliates commit to active accountability. We anticipate that Affiliates will engage in at least one activity for every year of their appointment.

Affiliate categories are Trainee, Community or Academic.

For more information see the Membership form.

For more information see the Affiliate Nomination form.