Exploring the Intersection of Mindfulness and HIV Risks: Insights from Dr. Roula Hawa

We are delighted to share a recent article shedding light on an intriguing intersection: mindfulness and HIV risks. Dr. Roula Hawa, Executive Member of CRHESI, contributed to this thought-provoking piece, offering insights that could shape our understanding and interventions in public health.

Published on Western University’s news platform, the article delves into the potential role of mindfulness practices in addressing HIV risks, particularly among vulnerable populations. Dr. Hawa’s expertise in this area enriches the discourse, highlighting the importance of holistic approaches in health promotion and risk reduction strategies.

In addition to her insightful contributions, Dr. Hawa is currently leading a pivotal study titled “Promoting Mental Health and Reducing HIV Risk Behaviours through Self-compassion, Mindful Acceptance & Resilience Transformation (SMART).” This pilot study focuses on the diaspora MENA (Middle Eastern and North African) gay, bisexual, and trans youth in Ontario.

The SMART study is part of the broader Youth Sexual Health and Human Immunodeficiency Virus / Sexually Transmitted Infections (HIV/STI) Prevention in Middle Eastern and North African Communities (YSMENA) initiative. This mindfulness-based intervention aims to enhance mental health, self-compassion, psychological resilience, and collective empowerment among participants. For more information, you can contact the Research Coordinator at ysmenastudy@gmail.com.

To read the full article and delve into the discussion, visit the link below:

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We extend our gratitude to Dr. Roula Hawa for her contributions to this vital conversation and look forward to further collaborations in advancing health equity.