Research Principles

Questions of health equity and social inclusion cut across the work of many faculties and community-service organizations within Western University and the London not-for-profit sector respectively. CRHESI strives to provide a forum for research-enabled, synergistic and catalytic change for London and surrounding areas.

CRHESI’s research principles have emerged through considerable consultation with members of our community-based and academic partners.

  • Respectful, meaningful engagement of community and academic partners in decision-making throughout the research project cycle;
  • Respectful, meaningful engagement of individuals and/or groups to whom the research is most relevant;
  • Acknowledgment of the power inherent in varying social structures and locations and how they intersect to shape health and social inequities;
  • A critical eye towards structural and systemic violence and oppression that influence research findings and their interpretation;
  • A responsibility for knowledge translation and exchange, to put findings to work for the good of local communities;
  • Recognition of the shared ownership of knowledge and other products generated through the research process;
  • A research and knowledge-sharing environment free from discrimination;
  • Commitment to research that reflects the diversity of voices within local communities;
  • A continually reflexive stance on ethics as practised through all stages of a project;
  • A respect for scientific rigour as best understood within the engaged paradigm of research.

CRHESI’s Editorial Guidance

We are committed to publishing content that aligns with CRHESI’s mission of advancing knowledge and collaborative action for health equity and social inclusion. We follow an editorial process based on CRHESI’s research principles to ensure the quality and integrity of content we publish. We strive to include various perspectives.