Monthly Newsletter and Weekly Radar Enhancements

We have made some technical, design, and formatting updates to our Weekly Radar and Monthly Newsletter configurations. These improvements include: better image rendering on mobile devices, typography tweaks, your personal CRHESI profile, and, most importantly, a super easy tool for CRHESI members to add content to these emails.

Recently publish an article? Hosting an upcoming event? Deliver a workshop or keynote? Notice an important and relevant news item? Looking for collaborators on new project?

… Enter your update or information in this form for distribution across all CRHESI communication channels. (Of course, if you would prefer to simply email us instead, updates can still be forwarded or directed to, as always.)

As the CRHESI ecosystem of community practitioners, academic researchers, students, and engaged citizens continues to grow, these improvements are intended to help us support one another and ‘stay in the loop’ even more effectively. Towards this end, please do not hesitate to let us know if you have any input or suggestions.