2023 Mayor’s List Honouree Carl Cadogan: Celebrating Diversity in London, Canada

CRHESI is thrilled to celebrate the outstanding work and contributions of Carl Cadogan, recently recognized on the London Mayor’s New Year’s Honour list, in the category of Diversity and Race Relations.

Please read more details about Carl’s long-standing leadership and committment to anti-Black racism and anti-oppression by visiting the Mayor’s New Year’s Honours List. In 2022 Carl extended his mission to eliminate hate and discrimination in our communities by joining CRHESI as an Executive Committee member.

Carl and other honours recipients will be recognized at the first City Council meeting of the year.

New Project: Equitable Maternal-Newborn Health, Social, and Legal Services for Immigrant Women

We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Shokoufeh Modanloo on her newest project, “Equitable Maternal-Newborn Care for New Migrant Women from the Middle East in Canada: A Co-produced Research Partnership with Social, Legal, and Wellbeing Services (Mom2New Co-Care).”

Shokoufeh is a CRHESI Executive Committee member and Assistant Professor in Nursing at Western. Mom2New Co-Care has been funded through a 1-year seed grant from Western Research, Strategic Support, building toward a larger Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) study.

In this project, Shokoufeh is collaborating with researchers and community partners in London (London Intercommunity Health Centre) and Ottawa.

Watch this space as we provide updates on Dr. Mandaloo’s health equity-focused, intersectoral work for immigrant women!

Job Opportunity: Learning Director, Centre for Research and Education on Violence Against Women and Children

Western’s Centre for Research & Education on Violence Against Women & Children (CREVAWC) is currently recruiting for a Learning Director position, responsible for overseeing CREVAWC’s work to disseminate knowledge about gender-based violence. The Learning Director will lead three current grants: The Learning Network, The Knowledge Hub, and Neighbours, Friends and Families.

The application deadline has been extended through January 2023.

The following link is to the full job posting with application details: https://www.edu.uwo.ca/about-us/emp/LT-Learning-Director-CREVAWC-Advert-Oct-2022-Approved2.pdf

Invitation to Join Advisory Panel to Inform Implementation of Cancer Screening Recommendations for Two-Spirit, Trans and Nonbinary People

Invitation: Join Advisory Panel to Inform Implementation of Cancer Screening Recommendations for Two-Spirit, Trans and Nonbinary People

Photo by Andrew Ridley on Unsplash

Please share with patients, community members, and health providers in the hopes of finding some wonderful members of the Two-Spirit, Trans, and Nonbinary communities who might be willing to share their time and experience with Ontario Health to better inform future cancer screening policies.

Interested participants please email Logan Broeckaert obsp_pd@ontariohealth.ca by December 2


The Ontario Breast Screening Program is convening an advisory panel to implement recommendations from Ontario’s first cancer screening policy for trans and nonbinary people. The advisory panel is made up of clinicians who provide breast screening, clinicians with expertise in the primary care of trans people, and members of the Two-Spirit, transfeminine and nonbinary community. The work of the panel will be conducted in English.
We are currently seeking three panel members who are Two-Spirit, transfeminine or nonbinary, preferably eligible for breast screening (e.g., 50-74 with history of feminizing hormone therapy). Having some knowledge of the health care system or cancer screening is an asset but not required.
If you are interested, please email Logan Broeckaert, obsp_pd@ontariohealth.ca by December 2, 2022

What is the opportunity for panel members?

  1. Attend the advisory panel meeting in January/February 2023 (2 hours)
  2. Complete offline review of final guidance documents February – June 2023 (estimated time to be determined but I expect 3-5 hours at the most)
    Advisors who are not engaged with the Government of Ontario or the wider public sector will be offered honoraria for their time.
    What is the Ontario Breast Screening Program?
  3. The OBSP is a screening program designed to encourage people in Ontario to get screened for breast cancer. Regular screening can find cancer early when treatment has a better chance of working. The OBSP provincial program provides mammograms for anyone in the province who is eligible for breast cancer screening.
    What is Ontario Health?
  4. We are an agency created by the Government of Ontario to connect, coordinate and modernize our province’s health care system. We work with partners, providers and patients to make the health system more efficient so everyone in Ontario has an opportunity for better health and wellbeing.