Meet CRHESI: Kristen Colbeck

Kristen Colbeck is a second-year Media Studies PhD student in the Faculty of Information and Media Studies at Western University. Her research focuses on how photo-sharing applications, such as Instagram, affect the mental health and overall social well being of young cis and transgender women within Ontario. In addition to being a member of CRHESI, Kristen enjoys being an active member of the community, and currently works with the Single Women in Motherhood Training Program as coordinator of their Community Support Agent program, also volunteering at Parkwood Institute for Mental Health with adolescent psychiatric patients.

Kristen values socially accountable healthcare, which was what initially drew her to CRHESI, and she believes that social and cultural factors must be taken into consideration in order to foster healthy communities. In accordance with this personal mandate, Kristen is currently working on the beginning stages of a low-income bus pass project for London, as well as several upcoming CRHESI projects. She shares her life with a sassy wiener dog named Cinnamon.

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