Job Posting: CRHESI Research Coordinator

We are hiring a Research Coordinator to support CRHESI’s involvement on multiple research projects, while also developing new research opportunities. Given the large number of projects within the CRHESI ecosystem, the Research Coordinator ensures that project agreements are developed congruent with CRHESI’s desired role on the project, that CRHESI is appropriately engaged in projects that include full partnership, and that CRHESI is involved with newly developing projects. The overall role of the Research Coordinator is to support CRHESI in the high achievement of research outcomes including both valuable contributions and volume of outputs.

To view the full job description or apply, please visit and search for job number 18130. Posting closes on January 8, 2020.

Thank you for circulating this opportunity to relevant networks and for sharing this notice with potentially interested candidates.

Community Research Incubator: Call for Discussion Items

The next Community Research Incubator (CRI) is on Monday, January 27, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM at the Fox and Fiddle. A full description and sign up form for the session are available here.

Do you have an item to bring forward? Possible topics include…

– Ideas for future research or collaborations?
– Identified problems, gaps or issues in the community?
– Nascent plans in need of additional partners?
– Questions to bring forward for community input?
– Finding a ‘sounding board’ for new proposals or strategies?
– An idea for a research or evaluation project?

If you have an item to bring forward, please email OR indicate the topic you would like to discuss in the registration form.

In Review: CRHESI’s Community Research Incubator

What happened?

On Tuesday, September 24, 2019, CRHESI hosted its inaugural Community Research Incubator.

You can read the Twitter streams to review the notes of each conversation below or access the full raw note dataset generated from the event.

Topic: Nurturing research and collaboration on dis/ability and inclusive physical activity in London and region #CRItable5

Topic: ATN intends to establish an adaptive kitchen at the Old East Village Grocer as the home training site of the Nourishing Abilities Cooking Club #CRItable7

Topic: Let’s talk about how the structures and context of academic research have defined research collaborations #CRItable6

Topic: How do organizations define and conceptualize ‘health equity’ and how do they feel it ought to be pursued, given where they are situated in the community? #CRItable3

Topic: Opportunities for working with Western students to advance community initiatives and programming through Community Engaged Learning. #CRItable1

Topic: What guides are other organizations in London using as benchmarks for equity and diversity best practices? #CRItable2

What are we learning?

The Community Research Incubator format is experimental. A Community Engaged Learning (CEL) student team is currently conducting an evaluation of the event on our behalf. If you have any feedback or suggestions for the structure or format for future sessions, please email us at with your input.

What is next?

We are hosting another Community Research Incubator on Monday, January 27, 3:00 PM – 4:30 PM at the Fox and Fiddle (355 Wellington). Please register via Eventbrite.

Ten Reasons to come to Thursday’s Lightning Talks

CRHESI’s biannual Lightning Talks and Reception event brings together a wide range of community members and collaborators working on projects focussed on equity and inclusion. Join us for a series of fast-moving, 5-minute talks, to get up to speed on 10 initiatives underway right now in London.

Thursday, November 21, 2019
3:00 PM – 4:30 PM EST
Innovation Works London
201 King Street


Michelle Sangster Bouck
Program Evaluator, Middlesex-London Health Unit
Shamiram Zendo
PhD Candidate, Health Information Science, University of Western Ontario
Exploring stories and photos with clients of London’s overdose prevention site

Carri Hand
Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, Western University
Aging in neighbourhoods study: Exploring and Promoting Older Adults’ Inclusion in Neighbourhoods

Kinga Koltun
Supervisor, Policy & Strategic Issues (Neighbourhood & Community Initiatives) Neighbourhood, Children and Fire Services, City of London
London’s Community Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Update

Carrie Marshall
Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, Western University
Boredom and meaningful activity in adults experiencing homelessness

Abe Oudshoorn
Assistant Professor, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University
Learning how to tell a meaningful story of homelessness

Julia Parker
Executive Director, Correctional and Justice Services, Salvation Army
Samantha Gee
Case Manager, Support to Report, Correctional and Justice Services, Salvation Army
Support to Report: Supporting Sexually Assaulted Adults Working in Sex Trade or Sex Trafficked to Access Justice

Colleen Parsons
Research Associate, Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing, Western University
Transforming Emergency Shelter into Affordable Housing with Support

Jennifer Sandu
Capacity Building Specialist, London Cross Cultural Learner Centre
Yazidi Refugee Mental Health Peer Support Program

Javeed Sukhera
Associate Professor of Psychiatry/Paediatrics
Scientist, Centre for Education Research & Innovation Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry, Western University
Making the invisible visible: Exploring explicit, implicit, and structural stigma for people who inject drugs within a hospital environment

Gail Teachman
Assistant Professor, School of Occupational Therapy, Western University
Is inclusion always a ‘good’ thing?: Perspectives from youth with disabilities