CRHESI Affiliate Status

Bringing communities together to promote health equity & inclusion through collaborative research for action

Categories & Terms

  • Trainee Affiliate – has current or previous involvement* in CRHESI-related+ community or academic research and/or knowledge mobilization. Their primary role must currently be trainee/student, at any level of study from undergraduate to post-doctoral. For community members, must be part of a recognized continuing studies program. Trainees may be studying at Western University, Fanshawe College, or elsewhere if affiliated with a CRHESI project.
  • Community Affiliate -a community member and/or organizational representative who has been actively involved* (now or previously) in CRHESI-related+ community research, knowledge mobilization and/or advocacy as a community partner, person with lived/living experience, advisor or other relevant role.
  • Academic Affiliate – an academic researcher who has been actively involved* (now or previously) in CRHESI-related+ community or academic research and/or knowledge mobilization from Western or Fanshawe, or from elsewhere if affiliated with a CRHESI project.

Affiliate terms are for 5 years, renewable.

Note on Trainee Affiliates – upon completion of the degree or training program on which their status is based, Trainees could apply for review for conversion to Community or Academic Affiliate.

Benefits & Accountabilities

Affiliate status provides opportunities for active links between the person and CRHESI activities and includes:

  • Collaboration specific to the person’s immediate interests, including being linked to others to form new research, evaluation and/or knowledge mobilization project groups, either in a lead or collaborator role. This could include:
    • question and proposal development; partnership development
    • activities related to collection, analysis and interpretation of data and findings
    • developing project specific knowledge-sharing strategies and outputs
    • as appropriate, issue-specific advocacy
  • Attending and participating formally (i.e., as a presenter, organizer, or facilitator) or informally (as an attendee) in CRHESI events; Affiliates will attempt to participate in and/or attend most CRHESI events, even in areas outside their immediate interests.
  • Participating in the development (as a lead or collaborator) of CRHESI-specific knowledge mobilization strategies and outputs, such as blogs, videos, graphical briefs, social media and arts-based activities, etc.
  • Trainee Affiliates are part of CRHESI’s Student Collective, which focuses on developing and implementing knowledge mobilization strategies.

To fulfill active accountability, we anticipate that Affiliates will engage in at least one such activity for every year of their appointment. We will ask CRHESI Affiliates to share a very brief summary of CRHESI -related activities each year.

*‘Actively involved’ generally means having a lead or substantive collaborative role in research, evaluation, advocacy and/or knowledge mobilization projects or activities.

+‘CRHESI-related’ means topics aligned with CRHESI’s theme areas, and conducted following CRHESI principles; while preference will be given to those with previous/ongoing participation in CRHESI-specific activities, nominees who have relevant experience from other aligned work will also be considered