Seeking community members for meeting on artificial intelligence and health equity

Researchers at Western University and the University of Toronto are hosting a meeting that seeks to explore and discuss how artificial intelligence (AI) could either reduce or worsen health inequities in Canada. In addition to inviting AI scientists and health researchers to this meeting, we are also inviting those who may often not have a chance to voice their perspectives on issues like this, such as individuals from communities that are commonly underrepresented in relation to emerging health technologies. If you feel this applies to you or individuals you work with through your organization, please forward this to others and consider attending.

The event will run from 1-5pm on Thursday, November 7th and 8:30am-5pm on Friday, November 8th. Events on the 7th will take place at the University of Toronto Dalla Lana School of Public Health, and events on the 8th will take place at the Vector Institute for Artificial Intelligence, both located in Toronto. In recognition of the travel and time investment required by this initiative, we would be happy to cover travel, meals, and accommodation expenses. The option to receive a modest honorarium proportionate to time invested also exists, based on individual circumstances.

If you are interested in attending and participating, or if you have any questions, please email Maxwell Smith (

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  1. Hi Max,

    I learned about this event from one of your graduate students, Lean Fiedeldey, who is also my son. I’m interested in attending this event on Nov 7 and the afternoon of Nov 8 if you think I’m a good fit.

    I have a PhD in Research Psychology, specializing in psychometric assessment (development and statistical validation) – e.g., personality, ability, performance – with applications in many industry sectors including health. I regularly work in contexts wherein we address human rights issues, diversity, equity, and inclusion, and consult with various teams on Indigenous matters related to substance/solvent abuse. I head a small consulting practice in the Toronto area, called ePsy Consultancy, I’m affiliated with the University of Pretoria, and I’m a partner/advisor of several test publishers.

    Since virtual reality, machine learning, and AI is the way of the future in psychological assessment, I see potential opportunities to collaborate and contribute, starting by learning more via this event.

    Would you be interested in me attending?

    Kind regards,
    Carina Fiedeldey-Van Dijk

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