CRHESI at Pathways to Health Equity 2016

The Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion shared its story at the Pathways to Health Equity: Levelling the Playing Field conference held this May 30-June 2 in Winnipeg, MA.

Dr. Helene Berman, Centre co-director, described CRHESI’s vision to bring community and academic partners in collaborative processes that generate relevant research questions. “Community-academic partnerships take time,” said Helene. “We work to bring our equity lens to our vision for change in the community, but also to how we conduct partnerships within our Centre.”

Attendees to this talk were interested in approaches to maintain equity through the development of research and knowledge-translation projects. They asked about processes that supported community membership and presence at decision-making tables. Helene spoke to the Centre’s commitments to self-reflection in all its processes, including how and when meetings were held, how Steering and Governance bodies were constituted, and attention to issues of power and representation that emerge.