Weekly Radar now keeps an eye on funding opportunities

In our ongoing effort to foster new, meaningful research collaborations, the Weekly Radar email now features a ‘Grants Radar’ section, that overviews upcoming funding opportunities relevant to the work of the Centre.

The new ‘Grants Radar’ is now included alongside recently initiated ‘Events Radar,’ which provides a weekly updated list of conferences, webinar, and other events of interest to members of CRHESI.

As always, when you come across an funding or event opportunity to share with the CRHESI ecosystem, you can easily submit it anytime or email us at info@crhesi.ca

We are committed to sharing a weekly communique that is truly helpful, informative, and constructive. If you have any suggestions or feedback for us towards this end, please do not hesitate to let us know.

And, lastly, please remember that you are welcome to invite your colleagues and associates to subscribe to CRHESI communications and/or join our membership.