The first City Symposium event is March 21 at Museum London

CRHESI, in collaboration with the Health Equity IDI and a large entourage of community collaborators, is a leading partner on the City Symposium series.

Each event tackles an issue from different perspectives as four speakers — an artist, a researcher, a civil servant, and an activist — share 12 minute presentations around a central theme.

The first event is March 21, 7PM, at Museum London. The evening will feature presentations on the theme of health and well-being from…

• Melanie Schambach (Visual Artist)

• Yasmin Hussain (Violence Prevention Coordinator, Muslim Resource Centre)

• Lloy Wylie (Assistant Professor in the Schulich Interfaculty Program in Public Health)

• Alexander Summers (Associate Medical Officer, Middlesex-London Health Unit)

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