Meet CRHESI: Margaret Ann Wilkinson

Dr. Margaret Ann Wilkinson has had an illustrious career with multiple appointments in the Faculty of Law, the Richard Ivey School of Business, and the Faculty of Information and Media Studies (FIMS) at Western University. Among the over-15 awards recognizing her work, Dr. Wilkinson is recipient of Western’s Faculty Scholar Award for her achievements in teaching and research and, in 2012, the Ontario Library Association Les Fowlie Intellectual Freedom Award “for her tireless effort in advocating for the principles of balance, user rights and fair dealing on behalf of the Canadian Library community.” Dr. Wilkinson has served as Graduate Director (Law) and Graduate Chair (FIMS). She has held doctoral supervisory status since 1997, supporting the work of graduate students in Law, Health Information Science, and Library and Information Science. In addition, her teaching and publication activities have focused on areas such as biomedical imaging, intellectual property rights, and pharmaceutical- and other health-business regulation and her teaching has extended to the Ivey School of Business MBA Health-Sector stream. Dr. Wilkinson has produced multiple casebooks and co-authored several cases for publication through the Ivey School of Business. She is an author or Canadian Intellectual Property: Cases and Materials (Emond Montgomery), has authored19 chapters in books or symposia and over 30 journal articles, and has presented at over 150 conferences, workshops and professional meetings.