Investigating the term, ‘People with lived experience’

CRHESI co-coordinator James Shelley explores the term ‘People with lived experience’ through a critical lens in a recent blog post about the evolution of attitudes and nomenclature:

Then it struck me, the term ‘people with lived experience’ only changes semantics, not attitudes and assumptions. Whether you say people experience homelessness or are homeless, the fundamental question is what you presume and presuppose about the concept of homelessness itself. Psychologically speaking, the influence of our syntax is quite limited here: rejigging the subject and predicate of a sentence does not somehow automatically override the feelings and beliefs we have internalized about the nature of homelessness. Even though the new term grammatically reframes homelessness as a condition instead of an identity, it nonetheless continues to carry the assumptions, biases, and stigmas of its speakers and hearers.

Read the entire article here.

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Organizing Equality

Organizing Equality is a major international conference hosted by members of the Faculty of Information & Media Studies at Western University, and will take place at Museum London between the 24th and 26th of March 2017. This conference will bring academics, artists and activists together from around the globe to address inequality and to develop new forms of knowing, thinking and acting together to guide future struggles.

Call for Papers
Proposals for papers and sessions should be limited to 250 words. The deadline for the submission of abstracts for 20-minute presentations is August 1 2016. Please include with your paper or session proposal, your name, e-mail address, institutional or group affiliation, and a short CV or biography. Abstracts should be e-mailed to the organizing committee at:
Travel bursaries are available for participants from the global south. Please indicate in your submission if you would like to be considered for financial assistance.

Conference website:

Faculty of Health Sciences International Scholar-in-Residence Lecture

Join us for the Faculty of Health Sciences International Scholar-in-Residence Lecture

Towards Inclusive Societies: Contributions of an Occupational Perspective

Clare Hocking, PhD, Auckland University of Technology (New Zealand)

July 7, 2016, Health Sciences Building – Room 236

Social justice relates to receiving a fair share of society’s wealth, having opportunities to access culturally important occupations, and the potential for equitable outcomes. In this presentation, Professor Hocking draws together ideas from the work of Young, Sen and Nussbaum, to discuss the occupations societies have reason to value and the assistance that ought to be made available to promote social justice. For more information, click here.

Understanding & Responding to Family Violence in the Context of Migration

Join us on June 29, 2016. The Muslim Resource Centre for Social Support and Integration, the CRHESI, and the Centre for Research & Education on Violence against Women & Children invite you to a community of practice conversation regarding the challenges and opportunities in work to end domestic violence in the context of migration. This free forum will provide:

  1.  A comprehensive description of current policy & evidence contexts.
  2.  Fresh discussion of approaches to responding to family violence in our newcomer communities.
  3.  Increased sense of community engagement, including a clear vision of the community of practice and their distinct/shared areas of work.

The day will consider macro- and micro-level questions and contexts, including evidence & research needs, and policy perspectives in the field. International and national perspectives will include an overview of gendered migration and immigrant family integration. Please register here.

CRHESI at Pathways to Health Equity 2016

The Centre for Research on Health Equity and Social Inclusion shared its story at the Pathways to Health Equity: Levelling the Playing Field conference held this May 30-June 2 in Winnipeg, MA.

Dr. Helene Berman, Centre co-director, described CRHESI’s vision to bring community and academic partners in collaborative processes that generate relevant research questions. “Community-academic partnerships take time,” said Helene. “We work to bring our equity lens to our vision for change in the community, but also to how we conduct partnerships within our Centre.”

Attendees to this talk were interested in approaches to maintain equity through the development of research and knowledge-translation projects. They asked about processes that supported community membership and presence at decision-making tables. Helene spoke to the Centre’s commitments to self-reflection in all its processes, including how and when meetings were held, how Steering and Governance bodies were constituted, and attention to issues of power and representation that emerge.