New Project: Equitable Maternal-Newborn Health, Social, and Legal Services for Immigrant Women

We are pleased to congratulate Dr. Shokoufeh Modanloo on her newest project, “Equitable Maternal-Newborn Care for New Migrant Women from the Middle East in Canada: A Co-produced Research Partnership with Social, Legal, and Wellbeing Services (Mom2New Co-Care).”

Shokoufeh is a CRHESI Executive Committee member and Assistant Professor in Nursing at Western. Mom2New Co-Care has been funded through a 1-year seed grant from Western Research, Strategic Support, building toward a larger Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) study.

In this project, Shokoufeh is collaborating with researchers and community partners in London (London Intercommunity Health Centre) and Ottawa.

Watch this space as we provide updates on Dr. Mandaloo’s health equity-focused, intersectoral work for immigrant women!