Ethical Collection and Use of Equity-Promoting Data Initiative

Implementor Meeting – September 21, 2022


  • In follow-up to the June 3, 2022, event on data for health equity, community partners who had expressed interest in implementing data collection strategies were invited to a further conversation. 
  • The online session began with a presentation from Alison Locker, MLHU Epidemiologist, on the work conducted by MLHU since June to identify potential data elements and indicators that could form part of a community-relevant and equity-promoting comprehensive data set. 
  • Small groups then discussed the prioritization and/or subcategorization of the variables regarding potential utility, red flags or concerns, etc.; opportunities for collaboration and mutual support and how this could work, in an equitable way (i.e., given different organizational capacities); and next steps. 


Regarding the MLHU comprehensive data set, the following domains are noted as potential gaps or with particular associated sensitivities: 

  • Sense of belonging (or isolation) 
  • Household composition 
  • Impact of racism on mental health and wellbeing 
  • Immigrant status—note that fear of increased risk of deportation will be a barrier for some 
  • Food security offered as a domain gap 
  • Clarification requested about “official language” versus childhood language. might be confusing for people to understand its meaning. A: this domain is from the Ministry of Health 
  • Age could be an important domain, grouped as youth for example and adding youth specific services or changing messages about what services are available knowing who is seeking services. 
  • Born in Canada – City of London has a policy (the free of fear policy), prohibits asking this question. 
  • Education, Religion/Spiritually – be very cautious in asking for this information 

In terms of next steps, there was interest in CRHESI selecting this as a topic to re-initiate its Community Conversation series at Innovation Works. A plan will be developed for a potential date in December.