CCLA Launches Latest Tool to Combat Carding & Racial Profiling

The Canadian Civil Liberties Association (CCLA) today released their next salvo in the fight against carding and racial profiling. A new ‘Know Your Rights Guide on Racial Profiling and Police Stops’ is being rolled out as a resource to empower young people and adults from Black, Indigenous and other racialized groups across Canada. The Guide provides the information needed to walk away if possible, accessible information for many of the questions asked by young people, and resources for addressing a possible rights violation.

Source: CCLA Launches Latest Tool to Combat Carding & Racial Profiling

Webinar: Best Practice Guideline: How to Build Supportive Housing in Canada

In this one-hour webinar video, Dr. Abe Oudshoorn shares findings from a research project titled “Making Permanent Supportive Housing Work for Vulnerable Populations”, a collaboration between Western University, CRHESI, and Indwell (Woodfield Gate site, London, Ontario). In the first phase of this study, researchers sought to understand how to create supportive housing to meet the needs of Canada’s most vulnerable people, particularly those experiencing chronic homelessness and health or mental health challenges. Their findings, now available in a best practice guideline, will assist current or potential supportive housing providers in overcoming the complexities of how to include health and social supports in affordable housing developments. Further, the findings speak to resident level outcomes, funding challenges, and integration within communities. If you are an affordable housing provider, a provider within the homeless-serving system, or considering providing affordable housing, tune in to see if integrating on-site supports will work for your project.

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Deep Dish #10: COVID’s Impact on Food Retail through a Gender-based Analysis Lens – FRESHER

In Ontario, women are consistently over-represented in low wage front-line jobs, holding nearly 60% of minimum wage jobs (Ontario Pay Equity, 2021). These are the jobs that are bearing the brunt of the economic losses brought on by the Covid-19 pandemic (CBC, 2021). Women’s low earnings are especially a concern for 82% of lone-parent families headed by females.

Source: Deep Dish #10: COVID’s Impact on Food Retail through a Gender-based Analysis Lens – FRESHER

Immploy Mentorship Program

The Immploy Mentorship program matches newcomer jobseekers with professionals in the same industry so that they can build out their networks, learn a bit more about the industry from a Canadian perspective and build confidence to pursue their career goals. Some findings indicate that immigrants and refugees that participate in mentorship are 2.5 times more likely to find meaningful employment in their field.

Immploy currently has a waitlist of newcomer job seekers who are looking for mentors to support them on their journey

Learn more at and email if you are interested in getting involved.