Abiodun Awosusi, CRHESI Affiliate, Trainee

I am a doctoral researcher at the Ivey Business School with a focus on health systems management, value chain development and international business. I explore how multinational health enterprises succeed (and fail) in new markets and their role in achieving equitable access to health technologies in different institutional contexts.  

I trained as a physician in Nigeria, graduating medical school with distinction in physiology and pharmacology. I earned master’s degrees from the Quantic School of Business and Technology, the University of Oxford and the University of Liverpool. I have worked for multiple domestic and international organizations on clinical care management, health system reforms and market analyses in developing countries.    

I believe CRHESI’s work is vital in view of the growing interest in equity, diversity and inclusion across multiple spheres and the need for interdisciplinary and community-oriented research to address grand challenges. Guided by the ethos of integrity, compassion and excellence, I look forward to engaging in research collaborations that enhance the output of the Centre and deepen its impact across London and adjoining communities.