Planning/Development Seed Grant

CRHESI wants to work with you to support emerging or established teams of academic and community partners (CRHESI Members) in planning, developing and/or carrying out the initial stages of collaborative research activities related to the CRHESI priority areas, namely the Social Determinants of Health. For more specifics, please see At this time, we are particularly interested in applications that address anti-Black racism. We welcome applications that either seek to explore or implement innovative research methodologies that involve participatory approaches. For example, funds under this initiative may be used to support researchers in identifying research priorities of community organizations/community members through engaging in participatory discussions with community stakeholders, or for engaging in co-design of research activities to address identified priorities.

As a seed grant, applicants are requested not to apply for projects that are already well funded through other sources. If you are interested in applying for this fund and do not yet have an identified partner (academic or community organization), please reach out to CRHESI ( for assistance in making connections with potentially relevant partners. As well, please reach out to CRHESI if you have an idea that you would like to discuss in terms of its potential fit or further development for this grant.

This grant is made possible through the generous support of the Arthur Labatt Family.


CRHESI has allotted $20,000 to support this funding opportunity. No single grant will be awarded in an amount over $10,000. Applications for smaller amounts of funding are welcome. Duration: 1 year

Application Process and Deadlines

1) Eligibility – Applications must be co-led by community-based and academic partners. The lead/co-lead applicant(s) must be members of CRHESI (contact to apply for membership). Students may be a member of the team but cannot be the lead applicant or fund holder. No lead applicant can hold more than one CHRESI grant in any competition round.

2) Please submit an application, 3 pages maximum, via no later than September 15.  All applications should include the following:

a. Overview of the project (i.e., list of team members/partners, significance, objectives, methodology, participatory/collaborative elements)

b. Explanation of the need for this project

c. Projected next steps (e.g. Where will successful completion of this grant lead? How will it build further collaboration? How will it help you become more competitive for external funds?)

In addition, please provide a 2-page CV or resume for each lead or co-lead applicant, and append (maximum of 3 pages) a project budget, timeline and additional material (e.g., references, diagrams) as relevant.

Criteria for Allocation of Funds

1) Quality and innovativeness of the proposed research activities and potential to advance future research and community outcomes

2) Extent to which the proposed research is a logical step towards the pursuit of more comprehensive funding opportunities or service delivery

3) Inclusion of and support for training and capacity development in the plan (ex. Graduate students, community members)

4) Longer-term potential impact on field

5) Links to CRHESI thematic areas and research principles

6) Use of an approach that values and supports participation of all partners, and centers opportunities for developing and building collaborations.