Putting Knowledge Into Action – Pilot Grant

CRHESI wants to work with you to help close the gap between knowledge and practice, by facilitating productive exchanges among community-based and academic partners. This grant will support knowledge-to-action and knowledge-to-implementation activities (Knowledge Mobilization) for community organizations and academic researchers. Toward this end, we will support activities that are aligned with the CRHESI thematic areas (see https://crhesi.uwo.ca/about-us/our-thematic-areas/) and research principles (see https://crhesi.uwo.ca), and that aim to inform and improve practices, policies and/or research.

As examples, knowledge mobilization activities might include projects, events, programs and training opportunities to synthesize, disseminate, transfer, exchange, and co-create or co-produceknowledge. The aim of Knowledge Mobilization is to bridge the gaps between knowing-and-doing, information-and-action, and evidence-and-practice.

If you are interested in applying for this fund and do not yet have an identified partner (academic or community organization), please reach out to CRHESI (crhesi@uwo.ca) for assistance in making connections with potential partners. As well, please feel free to contact CRHESI if you have an idea that you would like to discuss in terms of its potential fit or further development for this grant.

Successful applicants will be required to present their project at a CRHESI knowledge exchange event in addition to providing a brief report upon completion of the initiative. Information regarding funded activities will be posted on the CRHESI website.

This grant is made possible through the generous support of the Arthur Labatt Family.


CHRESI has allotted $20,000 to support this funding opportunity. No single grant will be awarded in an amount over $10,000. Applications for smaller amounts of funding are welcome. Duration: 1 year

Application Process and Deadlines

1) Eligibility – Applications must be co-led by community-based and academic partners. The lead/co-lead applicant(s) must be members of CRHESI (contact crhesi@uwo.ca to apply for membership). Students may be the lead applicant or fund holder. No lead or co-lead applicant can hold more than one CRHESI grant in any competition round.

2) Please submit an application, 2 pages maximum, via crhesi@uwo.ca no later than September 15.  All applications should include the following:

a. Overview of the knowledge exchange activity (i.e., who will be involved, who will be leading the work, what you want to achieve, what activities you will implement and the process you will use, how the activities might be sustained)

b. Explanation of the need for this project and what difference you think it will make to research, policy and/or practice  

In addition, please provide a 2-page CV or resume for each lead or co-lead applicant and append (maximum of 3 pages) a project budget, timeline, and additional material (e.g., references, diagrams) as relevant.

Criteria for Allocation of Funds

1) How clear are the proposed activities? Are they innovative?  

2) To what extent might the proposed activities potentially transform policies, practices and/or research?

3) Does the project include and/or support opportunities for education and skill development (eg. community members, graduate students)?

4) Will this project potentially have a long-term impact?  Do the activities fit into any larger and/or existing strategy? Is it likely the activities will be sustained in some way?

5) Is the project clearly linked to CRHESI’s thematic areas and does it align with CRHESI’s research principles?