Stretch your systems thinking muscles

The Pillar Nonprofit Network is hosting a Systems Thinking Exchange, with five sessions scheduled in 2017-2018: “A community of practice, and a place for the community to pool our understanding of systems thinking in a peer-learning environment. We will provide the speaker and general topic and you are asked to come to the table with a willingness to share, learn and be more curious.”

Sep 28, 2017 – Systems Fundamentals (Michael Ayres)
Nov 30, 2017 – Systems Doing (Heenal Rajani, with Michael Clarke)
Feb 15, 2018 – Relationship Systems Intelligence (Janet Frood)
Apr 26, 2018 – Systems Thinking in Practice (Andre Vashist)
Jun 28, 2018 – Seeing the System’s Potential (Chris Moss)

(Please register for the dates that you are able to participate.)

Community conversation about the side effects of multiculturalism (September 11, 2017)

CRHESI co-coordinator James Shelley is hosting community panel discussion entitled, A Critique of Multiculturalism on Monday, September 11, 2017 at Central Library. “Join us for a panel discussion and community conversation exploring the negative (or perhaps unintended?) consequences of multiculturalism as a political agenda.” For more information, see the discussions notes and panelist bios.

Community discussion on competing human rights claims (September 25)

CRHESI co-coordinator James Shelley and local human rights lawyer Susan Toth will discuss competing human rights claims at Central Library on Monday, September 25, at 7pm. “In Canada’s increasingly diverse society, the question of competing human rights comes up often. Join us as we pick apart some legal cases to see how these conflicts are resolved in the court system.” (Full event details)

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Lives: HIV and Wellness

Women’s Bodies, Women’s Lives: HIV and Wellness. This free one-day symposium is open to service providers and community members who want to learn more about the experiences of women living with, affected by or at increased systemic risk for HIV acquisition.

This educational forum will explore many themes, including HIV treatment and prevention, harm reduction, sexual health, nutrition, gender-based violence, self-care, HIV disclosure and more.

Whether you are a social service worker, a medical professional or any other member of the London community; this educational symposium is sure to provide insights that will help you both access and provide support to these community members.

Lunch and refreshments as well as quality childcare will be provided onsite, free of charge. Advanced registration is required. The event will take place on Thursday, June 22nd from 9:00am-4:00pm at the Dundas St. Public Library.


519-434-1601 Ext. 249

Registration link:

Or, fill out a registration form in person at 186 King St. #30.